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Bioenergetic Medicine – Old Medicine - The Wave of the Future

Donese Worden - Tuesday, September 10, 2013 | Comments (0)

Scottsdale and Mesa, AZ

If you are looking for new tools for health or have illnesses you haven’t found solutions for, the following information may be very helpful to you and answer a few questions about WHY you haven’t gotten better. You may have tried drugs, surgery, herbs, nutrition and many other ways and still don’t feeling like you’ve achieved total health. Bioenergetic medicine addresses the physical body and the emotional/mental body to help achieve 100% wellness.  Sometimes your body needs a “signal” to point it in the right direction.  You may wonder what an electrical/magnetic signal has to do with your body?  The answer is: EVERYTHING that happens in your body does so with a vibrational component.  We are literally beings of light and our cells communicate to one another with frequency.  Those signals tap into your body’s own pharmacy which is many times stronger than any known drug and the molecules are produced in the RIGHT dosage, at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT place, because your body possesses all it needs to heal itself.  I have seen in my medical practice that a little subtle information makes big and immediate changes in the body.  Unfortunately, because of our environmental issues, we must detox and add in individualized nutritional support. To build a house…you must first clean (Detox) the area ... Purchase bricks and mortar (Nutrition) and hire the workers to do the job. (Give it the Energy).  It’s really that simple. Read more...